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Burma's Aiki-kai and United Karate Club
Журнал "Черный пояс" 60-x годов

Автор: Айван Кинг

Дата: 2004.07.22

АРХИВ - 60е годы


"To master the manly arts, does not necessarily mean the use of brute force. One must shed arrogance and pride and of course, revenge. One must learn to be calm and remove competitive Ideas from one's mind, and adapt humility and season it with a lot of Kindness."

By Ivan King


This statement came from a quiet speaking person who today runs a big school of teaching the Martial Arts of the East, and who is also recognized for his long training of Armed Forces and civilian personnel in the three main arts, that is Aikido, Judo and Karate. He has learned to build this into a combined commando training schedule that brings out the finished product well versed in practically all the arts of self defence.

One time boxing enthusiast and coach he learned a lot from our own Thaing and when Professor Murashigei was brought in by the Police, he soon joined forces and earned his 'Third Dan' Black Belt from the International School of Aikido through Professor Yama-kuchi. U Thaung Din is now training many youngsters and even diplomatic personnel in these arts, patiently driving into them the points of clean self-defence spiced with love for one's fellow man,

To have such a training school in Burma today, which has mushroomed within just a few years, goes to show one that we people do not find it difficult to learn the Martial Arts of the Japanese community. Admittedly, as U Thaung Din says, the Japanese teachers did not, and will not show other people the full secrets of these arts, but it is left to the learners to try to improve on what they are taught, by introducing some of their own techniques.

He is more keen to teach Aikido than any other of the arts, since in Aikido, one is first taught to love one's opponent and teach him to correct his wrongs by overpowering him and giving him time to think of his misdeeds, instead of destroying him for life.

To quote:-There was once a big made boy, who was rather arrogant who had come to learn the art of Aikido. He was a brilliant pupil and soon began to show that he was in a class by himself, At the same time, a priest was also taking lessons and it was not long before the two of them passed out as 'First Dans'. A pickpocket nipped the arrogant one's wallet but was soon overpowered, and had his arms broken while the arrogant one strutted about making everyone realize that he was an Aikido expert and people shuddered when they saw what he had done. The same priest had the same thing dune to him, and he also overpowered his man, and took back his wallet, with the words, "I could have broken your wrist, but what good would it have done if through life you were hampered by that wrist. You would look on me with scorn, but I want you to look on me with love and forgiveness, and to right your wrongs,"

Now, the question was, which was the better man? The priest everytime. Which goes to show that these Martial Arts are meant for those with kindness and who could use them to teach others, and not to destroy. Of course, when the time comes against other types of people, then this art of defence is there as 'self defence .

Although this school embraces all the arts, the teacher is keen , that most of his pupils learn Aikido. This Martial Art was introduced over fifty years ago to the moderns by Professor Morihei Uyeshiba. It was just after World War 2 that the professor sensing when under training without any recognition that they are unnatural and awkward.

Here is where our young Burmese Sensei begins to drive into the young minds of those who come to him. There are many who come there just to learn something of the arts and then go out and mis-use their powers making them hated; there are some who come to him with a lot of arrogance only to be turned away and to return when their minds have turned cleaner and to shed all braggadocio and bullying tactics.

When tackled about Karate, and when it was mentioned that Karate and it can also embrace a lot of showmanship.

There are the 'green belts', the 'yellow belts' and many 'Dans', but the heart is the main part of the body that really makes the man and not his strength. In Aikido, one comes forward with a movement of love, inviting his opponent to come into his arms, but when his opponent makes a move to cripple, he is prepared to slip away and turn the tables, all the while coaxing his opponent to think otherwise.

U Thaung Din has a very large school and recently has the honour of training and passing out with a 'First Dan' Black Belt a diploma: the moral and spiritual crisis all around the globe felt that he should introduce Aikido to the outside world. Aikido was not only a means of self-defence, but also a way of life. "There is no discord in the absolute truth of nature, but there is discord in the realm of relative truth." In Aikido one learns to do what comes naturally. This is not so easy as it sounds. According to him, when one is born one is supple and is able to do whatever appears hazardous or impossible. As one grows up one learns bad habits which when not controlled becomes part of one's life. Bad postures, sloppy movements and stiff joints soon become normal is supposed to be taboo among the clean minded people, the interviewer was treated to a look of scorn, and told that although he (U Thaung Din) was not so much in favour of Karate, yet Karate can also be treat-ed as in Aikido; "don't break your opponent for life, teach him love."

"Aikido is — of course an art of self-defence, but do not consider it a sport. It is not sport, whereas Judo is an art of sport besides being an art of self-defence. There lies the difference. In Aikido one does not have to show the world his prowess." Judo is now an international event in most sporting circles, from the United Arab Republic, Mr. Wafik. Z. Schmeel, now away in Cairo. His school is filled with pupils and people from all classes and it speaks well for our country to train many Black Belts and Class Dans especially when we have learnt these arts from the Japanese and are slowly introducing many of our own techniques to eventually make our own Thaing and other defensive styles more modernized and spiced with love for mankind. From these arts we can learn to be kind and considerate and turn down braggadocio and remove bullying habits, and in time build a new look for our boys to meet the daily challenges of the future.


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